Best of the Best 2012: Specialty Vehicles: Classic Muscle: Classic Recreations Shelby G.T.350CR

The first Shelby Mustang G.T.350 (model years 1965 and 1966) expressed a purity of purpose unmatched by later models. It was nearly race-ready off the showroom floor. Today, originals are coveted collectibles that win in vintage races and on the car-show circuit. For those who want a perfect example of Ol’ Shel’s original but with 21st-century components, Classic Recreations builds its Shelby G.T.350CR, a Carroll Shelby–licensed continuation of the series that benefits from a modern Ford V-8 and dramatically upgraded suspension, brakes, and tires.


Jason Engel and his team at Classic Recreations in Yukon, Okla., begin with an original first-series Mustang fastback and add a 427 cu in, fuel-injected, 545 hp crate motor; rack-and-pinion steering; coil-over front and rear suspension; and Wilwood disc brakes.


The company plans to build only 10 examples a year, each with a starting price of $119,000. Options such as a 1,000 hp twin-turbo package ($9,000) are available. The car shown here is priced at $149,000.


Classic Recreations, 405.577.6464, www.classic-recreations.com

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