Best of the Best 2012: Sport-Utility Vehicles: Lexus LX570

Photo by David Dewhurst

When the third-generation Lexus LX570 (www.lexus.com) debuted in 2007, it embodied the automaker’s “Pursuit of Perfection” tagline. Not surprisingly, Lexus has made only negligible changes to the drivetrain options and technology packages accompanying the $81,000 eight-passenger SUV’s mid-cycle refresh. The stalwart 5.7-liter V-8 engine and the optional Mark Levinson surround-sound audio system, heated steering wheel, and cool box (for beverages) are as relevant now as they were five years ago. The LX570’s most significant change is a cosmetic one. Lexus’s new pinched-cheeks-style grille, which is similar to the grille on the Lexus GS, is now the face of the flagship SUV. The rest of the vehicle’s lines appear softer and rounder to fit the new grille.


The interior contains perhaps the most comfortable seats of any SUV, and a new Easy Access feature automatically moves the steering wheel forward and the seat back when the car is turned off.

Penske Luxury

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