Best Things First: Limousine Service

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While his fleet of Mercedes-Benz S500s and Lincoln Town Cars blends unassumingly into Bay Area traffic, the same cannot be said of Malcolm Johns’ latest acquisition. Johns, owner of Kent Limousines in San Rafael, Calif., offers what may be the only Maybach 62 in use in the United States as a for-hire limo.

According to Johns, the Maybach, which is available for $250 per hour (with a five-hour minimum, and the price excludes the driver’s gratuity), is on the road about four times a week, shuttling clients to meetings in Silicon Valley, dinners and outings in San Francisco, and visits to Napa Valley. He expects to recoup his investment in the $350,000 vehicle in four years. “The Maybach is so unique,” Johns says. “When you’re driving down the freeway, people are not passing, but pulling aside and looking at it. They don’t do that with a Rolls-Royce or Bentley.”


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