BMW’s Latest Art Cars Will Be Decorated by Artists Cao Fei and John Baldessari

Numbers 18 and 19 in the series, the finished cars will be presented in 2017…

The artists Cao Fei and John Baldessari will create the next BMW Art Cars (bmw-welt.com)—numbers 18 and 19 in a series that began in 1975, when Alexander Calder painted a 3.0 CSL. Every few years, BMW assembles a panel of art experts who select an artist (or two, for this year) and invite her or him to use a current BMW racecar or road car as a canvas. Jeff Koons painted the last Art Car, an M3 GT2 (shown above), in 2010. The collection is on display at the BMW Museum in Munich. Cao and Baldessari will each work with an M6 GT3 and present the finished project in 2017. 

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