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How This Lamborghini Huracán Was Transformed Into a Menacing Off-Road Racer

It's been nicknamed the “Jumpacan."

For many supercar stans, the Lamborghini Huracán is about as close to automotive perfection as it gets, but that hasn’t stopped one petrolhead from boldly revising the design.

Chris Steinbacher of B is for Build has turned his Huracán into a hulking off-roader known as the “Jumpacan,” and this thing can actually run. (Just check out the YouTube clip above for proof.) In fact, the fat-tired beast will compete in the upcoming Mint 400 desert race in Las Vegas this December.

It was no small feat transforming the Italian supercar into this off-roading machine, which kind of looks like a makeshift Batmobile—if the Batmobile made a cameo in a Mad Max flick. First, Steinbacher stripped the car back entirely till just the raw chassis remained. Then, SE Motors in California gave the body a full 3-D scan and designed a new suspension and bracing kit fit for off-roading, as reported by The Drive.


Steinbacher recently took the Jumpacan on a test drive to Carl’s Jr.  B is for Build/YouTube

Under the hood, the Lambo’s famed V-10 was swapped out for an LS V-8 mated to a Graziano transaxle that drives the rear wheels. Speaking of wheels, a set of fat, menacing tires were added—35 inches for the front, 37-inches for the back—to give the brute the ability to tackle any type of terrain. The huge rotors and stout calipers, meanwhile, were sourced from a Mustang GT500 and give the Jumpacan plenty of stopping power. Inside, the Lambo has been tricked out for fierce competition with racing seats and harnesses.


The interior of the Jumpacan features racing seats and harnesses.  B is for Build/YouTube


Steinbacher recently took his creation on a test drive to Carl’s Jr. As incredible as it felt to drive the Jumpacan on the road, Steinbacher said that there’s still a long way to go with the build. Let’s hope the first order of business is a new windshield—or a good full-face helmet, at the very least.

Despite his valiant efforts, Steinbacher’s Jumpacan, of course, is no match for Lamborghini’s newest Huracán. The open-top, rear-wheel-drive Raging Bull, dubbed the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, won Robb Report‘s Car of the Year award and made it onto our best Best of the Best list. That won’t stop us from checking in on how Steinbacher stacks up in the forthcoming race. Godspeed, Jumpacan.

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