Buell’s Race Dominating 1125R

If racing improves the breed, Buell’s road-going superbike takes a quantum leap in credibility with the 1125R’s sweeping success in the AMA’s Daytona SportBike class. To experience its winning ways firsthand, we threw a leg over a replica of the race bike and dragged our knees across the winding stretches of road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Though it’s loaded with trick high-performance components, the race-ready 1125R can be duplicated by any civilian willing to fork over the requisite cash to his local Buell dealer. Lighter, quicker, and more maneuverable than its street-legal counterpart, the race-ready 1125R was both potent and surprisingly easy to ride on the 4.048-mile course. It handled each of the track’s 14 turns tenaciously and pulled so strongly at the straightaway’s crest that the front wheel lifted defiantly. If anything, the experience proves that upgrading your street bike for track-ready performance is the next best thing to owning a dedicated race machine. (www.buell.com)

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