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This New Electric SUV Has a Gigantic 48-Inch Display That’s Smarter Than Your Smart TV

It's practically a smartphone on wheels.

Byton M-Byte interior display: Byton Stage Courtesy of Byton

Byton generated a ton of buzz at CES in 2018 with its flagship electric SUV concept—petrolheads and techies alike were blown away by the eye-popping 48-inch dash display. This time around, the Chinese startup rolled out the production version of the M-Byte SUV and showed off the full potential of its epic infotainment system.

Known as the Byton Stage, the voice-controlled display can perform an array of tasks and functions to help make your time on the road more enjoyable. The screen itself is customizable, so you can set up the apps—stocks, weather, sports scores—exactly how you like. Moreover, the M-Byte comes fitted with additional screens in the steering wheel, center console and back row, if you need more pixels.

The display is controlled via AI voice tech which was developed by Aiqudo. The platform allows drivers to launch apps, navigate directions, make calls and open playlists simply by uttering a few syllables, just like you do with your pals Siri and Alexa. The car also features gesture control—so you can skip songs and close apps easily—and facial recognition to connect different drivers to their bespoke display.

Byton M-Byte interior display: Byton Stage

Byton Stage  Courtesy of Byton

On top of that, drivers will enjoy real-time weather updates—thanks to AccuWeather—digital HD Radio, cloud-based infrastructure and there’s even an option to book restaurants or hotels while you drive, courtesy of Road.Travel.

“When Byton committed to creating the first smart device on wheels, this is exactly the kind of engagement we had in mind,” said Byton CEO Dr. Daniel Kirchert.


Byton M-Byte interior display: Byton Stage

Byton Stage  Courtesy of Byton

Of course, the real drawcard is the screen’s ability to transform into an in-car theatre. Byton partnered with ViacomCBS for top-notch video streaming and access to all the latest titles. The marque says this “rich video experience will make spending time in the Byton M-Byte between journeys every bit as engaging as time spent on the road.”

The M-Byte is expected to debut stateside in 2021, with a price tag starting at $45,000.

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