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This Versatile New Off-the-Grid Camper Will Charge Your EV

The off-road-friendly trailer can be used as a micro-grid.

The Campworks NS-1 electric trailer connected to a Toyota 4-Runner Campworks

Do you want a trailer you can do more than just sleep in? If so, Campworks may have just what you’re looking for.

The Colorado-based camping outfit has just launched the NS-1. The camper features a solar panel and huge battery pack, both of which will come in handy whether you’re planning to spend some time off the grid or traveling in an EV.

The NS-1 is more than just a trailer. It has a unique electrical system that allows it to be used as an off-road micro-grid. The back of the vehicle is fitted with a solar panel that can absorb up to 1,840 watts of clean energy. Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store that power, which is where the camper’s 5,500-Wh LiFePO4 battery comes in. After five hours in the sun, there will be more than enough power to keep the trailer running for a full day, even if you’re blasting the AC, watching Netflix and cooking a feast, all at the same time. Even then, there should be plenty left over, which you can use to recharge your EV’s battery or power tools via the NS-1’s 240-volt Mastervolt inverter. There’s room for another battery pack if you want even more power, but as long as the sun comes out you should have enough.

Inside the Campworks NS-1 electric trailer
Inside the NS-1 electric trailer Campworks

Despite a rather utilitarian design, Campworks’ trailer also has plenty of creature comforts too. The cabin is home to a seating area that can be converted into a queen-size bed and has wooden cabinets with over five cubic feet of storage space. The trailer only has room for two people to sleep, but the rooftop rack has enough space for a two-person pop-up tent. There’s also a full kitchen in the back, which has a two-burner electric induction cooktop, a built-in light for nighttime cooking and nine feet of pull-out counter space. The trailer is also equipped with a fully electric climate control system and a WeBoost Drive Reach cell booster that will help keep you connected, even when you’re far from home.

The NS-1 can also be taken far off-road too. The two-wheel vehicle was built to last and has a powder-coated steel frame, axle-less suspension and steel-plated underbody. It also rides on a pair of 21-inch all-terrain tires that give it an impressive 19 inches of ground clearance. It can go anywhere your SUV or truck can.

Interested in the NS-1? Campworks is taking orders for the trailer now through its website. The vehicle costs a flat $65,000. You can pre-order yours directly from the brand, just be prepared to put down a $1,000 deposit.

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