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Car of the Month: 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

This understated but menacing drop-top Ferrari is an everyday driver with the heart of a racer.


When the masters of Modena unveiled the Ferrari 488 Spider in 2015, the automotive world quickly crowned it as the new convertible king of the road. During the model’s first year in production, Robb Report recognized the 488 Spider’s excellence with its coveted Best of the Best award in the convertible category. Buyers interested in this remarkable vehicle should contact Robb Report’s partner Penske Automotive Group to browse its incredible inventory of luxury vehicles, which includes a 2017 model year Ferrari 488 Spider. This example rolled out of the Modena factory last July and hit the market in practically brand-new condition with only 324 miles on the odometer.

This Ferrari 488 Spider is chock full of premium upgrades and amenities that significantly increase its value beyond the base model. The exterior is painted Blu Swaters, a color used almost exclusively by Ferrari for about 20 years, and that gives the car a spectacularly understated aesthetic. The dual-tone Nero interior features black leather with Blu Sterling highlights. Worth noting are the blue brake calipers of the Brembo Extreme Design braking system matching the exterior paint scheme.

Image courtesy Penske Automotive Group

Both inside and out, Ferrari outfitted this car with every possible carbon fiber accent—on the front spoiler, rear air ducts, side air splitter, dashboard inserts, and more—helping reduce weight and adding to the car’s already sporty appeal. Other highlights among the extensive list of upgrades include Daytona racing seats with seat lifters, special colored interior stitching, Apple CarPlay and a premium Harman Kardon hi-fi audio system, and 20-inch forged wheel rims painted a dark gunmetal tone.

Like all Ferraris, the Ferrari 488 Spider is an undoubtedly menacing sports car built to satiate thrill seekers, but it is also comfortable and practical as an everyday driver. Despite its top speed of 203 mph and acceleration from zero to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, the Ferrari 488 Spider offers a pleasant ride with the reasonable suspension settings in place and a nimble foot on the pedal. Of course, when excitement is in order, the car’s 7-speed, F/1 dual-clutch transmission and 3.9-liter, 661 hp turbocharged V-8 engine deliver a racecar-like experience. This is expected from the most powerful mid-rear-engine-mounted car to feature a retractable hard-top, which drops in just 14 seconds.


Photo courtesy Penske Automotive Group

With a pristine Carfax report, this Ferrari 488 Spider is in virtually the same condition as when it left the Ferrari factory in 2016. In fact, the car includes the original factory warranty, good through September 2019, as well as maintenance included through September 2023. Like its top speed, this Ferrari is expected to go fast, so prospective buyers should browse the entire Penske Automotive Group inventory.


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Sr. Vice President, Super Premium Brands
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Photo courtesy Penske Automotive Group

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