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Someone Jacked the Wheels Off a 2020 Corvette C8 and Left the Sad Car on Blocks

It's been a bumpy ride to the release of the new 'Vette.

The 2020 Corvette Stingray Chevrolet

Deliveries of the brand new C8 Corvette may not have started yet, but at least one Chevrolet enthusiast in Detroit has already gotten their hands on one. Unfortunately for them, they can’t drive it since someone made off with all four of its wheels.

On Thursday morning, Car and Driver published two distressing photos of a black, non-Z51 C8, sadly propped up on two cinderblocks with its rear resting on the pavement, its wheels and tires nowhere to be seen. The anonymous photographer who supplied the pics told the mag they came across the pitiful sight on a snow-covered street in the city’s West Village neighborhood.

As the all new mid-engine Corvette has yet to go on sale, one can only assume that the unlucky coupé most likely belongs to someone who works at Chevy’s parent company, General Motors. If true, it makes it that much stranger that the car wasn’t equipped with wheel locks. The theft deterrent is available as an option on the sports car for an additional $90 ($120 if you get them painted black).

First announced to much fanfare last July in California, the eighth generation Corvette is finding the road to release a bumpy one. Because of the more than month-long United Auto Workers strike last fall, production of the sports car was delayed by months. Originally, the new ‘Vette was expected to make its way to dealerships by the end of last year, but now the most anticipated Chevy in years won’t be available for purchase until next month.

But that’s not the only setback Corvettes have suffered over the last few months. In August, a pre-production Stingray wrecked on a mountain road in central California. Then, earlier this month, two GM engineers were arrested and had their brand new Corvettes impounded after they were caught street racing by local police. Of course, that probably comes as little consolation for the owner of Detroit ‘Vette, as wheels for the new C8 can run up to as much as $2695 each.


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