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This Classic Range Rover Was Transformed Into an All-Electric 300 HP SUV

The electromod has a comparable range to the original gasoline V8 powertrain.

Congleton Service E-Classic Range Rover electromod Congleton Service

Buying a classic car has become something of an ethical quandary. Sure, those retro lines are hard to resist, but the gas guzzlers wreak havoc on the environment. Luckily for Land Rover enthusiasts, Taylor Congleton has come up with a solution that turns one classic into a guilt-free proposition.

The Land Rover restoration specialist, who runs Congleton Service in Vermont, is now building electromods of one of the marque’s most beloved models, the Range Rover, in addition to its traditional assortment of restomods. The electrified models will allow SUV lovers to drive the classic of their dreams without having to worry about the damage they would otherwise inflict on the world.

The shop has just opened up orders for the new EV-Classic. The gorgeous SUV is almost identical to the Congleton’s five-door Range Rover Classic, except that the V-8 that would normally be found under its hood has been swapped out for an all-electric drivetrain. Consisting of a 400-volt motor and a 90kWh Tesla battery back, the setup delivers 300 hp and has a range comparable to a tank of gas in the standard V-8 (a specific number was not given). Additionally, the the zero-emission bruiser can accelerate from zero to 60 mph twice as fast as its gas-powered sibling and has a top speed of 95 mph.

Congleton Service E-Classic

Congleton Service E-Classic  Congleton Service


Congleton only offers a single electric drivetrain at the moment, but the shop will let you customize the rest of your first-generation Land Rover to your heart’s content. On the exterior, you can select everything from the paint and bumper color to the style of tires and headlights. You’ll have a similar set of choices to gussy up the interior, including leather, headliner and carpet color. You can also add wood trim to the state-of-the-art sound system. Air conditioning and heating systems come standard.

Prices for the EV-Classic start at $275,000. You can reserve yours now with a $50,000 deposit, but expect to wait 18 months for your electric SUV to be ready. If you prefer an SUV that’s even a little boxier than the Range Rover, the shop says that it also plans to start building an electrified version of the Mercedes G-Class, a.k.a. the G-Wagen, in the near future.

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