Contributors: Shifting Gears

Gregory Anderson, Robb Report’s new automotive editor, once was advised by David E. Davis Jr., the founder and editor emeritus of Automobile magazine, that he should reinvent himself every so often. Davis’ former staffer has adhered to this counsel, having transformed in the past two years from an automotive editor to a public relations representative and back. “Mr. Davis also recommended laughing out loud at least once a day,” says Anderson, who is also senior editor of Robb Report sister publication The Robb Report Collection. “He maintained that if you’re not laughing out loud, you must examine your life, figure out why, and then proceed to fix it.” After several long winters in Ann Arbor, Mich., where his Automobile position was based, Anderson has acclimated to the sunny climes of Southern California. Now as then, much of his work involves piloting fine automobiles, such as the Chrysler 300C SRT8 and Cadillac STS-V (“American Sport Horses”) and the Panoz Esperante and Corvette Z06 (“Performance Icons”). “I’ve always maintained a passion for fine automobiles,” says Anderson, “and at Robb Report, that passion gets regular exercise and a healthy diet.” This is reason enough for him to smile every day, maybe even laugh out loud.



Brent Butterworth has been enjoying cigars for 23 years, but, he says, none of his past smoking experiences compares to the two hours that he spent sampling cigars in the company of Julio and Christian Eiroa of Caribe Imported Cigars, whose flagship brand is Camacho. “Both Julio and Christian have devoted their lives to mastering the art of cigar production,” says Butterworth, who made the trip to the company’s factory in Danli, Honduras, while researching “Family Crest”. “Smoking with them is like getting a guitar lesson from Jimmy Page. They think nothing of trying eight or 10 cigars in the course of an hour, but for me, it was a challenge and a thrill. And being able to walk into a factory and grab any cigar I wanted was also an agreeable experience.” When not investigating new cigars, Butterworth, with his 17 years of magazine editorial experience, covers personal electronics and home theater for Robb Report and serves as editor-in-chief of sister publication Robb Report Home Entertainment.

Peter Brock, who authored “Calls of the Wild”, which details the adventure he and some pals enjoyed with a group of Bigfoot researchers, is best known for his association with racecars. He has been writing about and photographing auto racing for more than a decade, and, prior to this career, he designed and built several significant vehicles, including Carroll Shelby’s Cobra Daytona Coupe that won the world manufacturer’s championship in 1965. “I love racers and the art of building fast cars,” says Brock. “Racers and racecar builders all are driven by the same desire to do something better than the next guy.” Brock may have signed up for the Bigfoot trip as a lark, but just as he admires those who build and race cars, he respects the Bigfoot believers for their dedication. “They go on these trips because they have had a life-changing experience and want to learn more,” says Brock. Perhaps someday Brock will employ the same skills that he uses to photograph fast-moving cars and capture an image of an even more elusive subject.

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