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CXC Simulations Motion Pro II: The Only Pro-Level Racing Simulator Practical for Home Use

For the car enthusiast, gentleman racer and even pro driver, there is nothing more exciting than being able to drive one’s favorite automobile or dream racecar on the track. Even more thrilling is being able to go out on the best race courses in the world.

A realistic, state-of-the art driving simulator that offers these experiences without ever leaving one’s home is absolutely possible – and adds to designing the ultimate home entertainment room or man cave.

CXC Simulations’ Motion Pro II is nearly the next best thing to driving a real car on a real track. For most, it’s even better.

The avid car collector or owner of high-performance exotics with an obsession for speed may never take the risk of driving his autos out on a racetrack. It could be dangerous, damaging or most likely impossible. For the weekend gentleman racer who already races with local clubs, the chance to practice at home whenever he wants not only helps him with his racecraft, but it allows him to become more familiar and confident with the tracks he will drive on. Many pro racers have invested in their own Motion Pro II simulators and consider them to be the best daily conditioning exercises – second only to being on the real track.

Drivers can experience a “home-track” advantage by practicing on real racetracks with actual car configurations and can even go online and race against other drivers in real time.

This is no video game by any means. CXC engineers and manufactures the only professional level automotive racing simulators practical for home use.


Designed and hand constructed in their Los Angeles, California, facility, CXC Simulations’ extensive research, development and testing by professional drivers and factory race team engineers ensures that the experience is as authentic as possible. CXC delivers a concierge level of service and support to all clients, and a full level of customization and personalization is offered – including the option to transform the equipment into a flight simulator in minutes, allowing the pilot to fly aircraft from any airport in the world.

The CXC simulators’ attention to detail and workmanship is equal to that of the finest automobiles and racecars in the world. From using aerospace materials such as laser-cut steel, billet aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium – to high-performance components like racecar seating, steering wheels and switches – together with the refined craftsmanship of Italian leather upholstery, accent stitching and stainless steel hardware – each simulator is built for endurance and longevity.

Drivers who have tested and/or train on CXC simulators include Formula One world champion Luis Hamilton, McLaren and Ferrari team driver Stefan Johansson, Porsche factory team driver Patrick Long, and IndyCar’s Graham Rahall. CXC’s corporate client portfolio includes supercar manufacturers Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and Lamborghini as well as major automobile brands such as Cadillac, Ford and Toyota, and non-automotive related corporations such as Intel.

For more information about CXC Simulations and the Motion Pro II, visit www.cxcsimulations.com

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