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1954 Ferrari 250 Monza

Although the 12-cylinder engine is a Ferrari signature, the marque achieved competition victories in the 1950s with cars powered by large-displacement 4-cylinder engines, including the 750 Monza racers. The short, light chassis of the 750 Monza paired well with the compact 3-liter inline-4 designed by Aurelio Lampredi.

In 1954, Ferrari created the 250 Monza by combining Gioacchino Colombo’s 240 hp 3-liter V-12 with a Monza-style chassis and a Pininfarina body. This example, serial number 0432M, was the second of four 250 Monzas produced, and it was raced by Ferrari’s factory team. It finished 15th in the 1955 Mille Miglia. In 1957, Ferrari’s American racing boss, Luigi Chinetti, had coachbuilder Scaglietti refit the car with the 250 TR bodywork shown here. Thus it became the first pontoon-bodied Ferrari and prefigured the Testarossa.

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