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From Pickup to Camper: This New Modular EV Will Let You Build It to Suit Your Needs

The forthcoming EV will be available in two chassis styles and 10 different configurations.

With cars, SUV and pickups starting to flood the EV market, it can be hard to decide which type of electric vehicle is worth your investment. But a German-based Electric Brands has dreamed up a modular EV that ensures you don’t have to choose.

The eBussy is a VW Bug-esque electric van that’s set to go on sale next year, according to the brand. While the light-duty vehicle’s look and range are enticing, what’s most noteworthy about is that, with two different chassis types and 10 configurations, the eBussy can be whatever you want it to be.

According to Electric Brands, the slick-looking, modular eBussy was designed with the “Lego principle” in mind. Basically, you choose your chassis type—urban or off-road—and then you choose the configuration that’s best suited towards your lifestyle. This means you can use the vehicle as a van, pickup, camper or even a dump truck, according to The Drive. Adding to the eBussy’s versatility is its drive-by-wire technology that allows you to slide the steering wheel across the dashboard turning it into a left-hand, right-hand or center drive vehicle at a moment’s notice.

Eight of the eBussy's possible configurations

Eight of the eBussy’s possible configurations  Electric Brands

The eBussy was designed with city and short-haul driving in mind, so its performance specs aren’t going to impress anyone. In-hub electric motors combine to produce a paltry 20 horsepower but also a hearty 737 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle’s power comes from a 10kWh battery back that supplies 124 miles of range, but that can be upgraded 30kWh battery that can get 373 miles on a single charge, a figure that compares favorably with other EVs on the market.

The eBussy is a city vehicle and is priced like one. The base model starts at €15,800 ($18,550), while the most expensive version, the off-road camper is priced at €28,800 ($33,907). Less thrilling, is the fact that there are no plans to bring the vehicle over to the US as of now. Luckily, American drivers should be getting a modular electric truck of their own in the near future—the highly intriguing Neuron T/One.


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