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Watch: This Ferrari GT1 Racing Around a Track for 13 Minutes Is Like ASMR for Gearheads

The sound of the V12 zooming around Yas Marina circuit will soothe your soul.

During the coronavirus lockdown it’s important to find comfort wherever you can. And for car enthusiasts, we have just the thing: a 13-minute-long, uninterrupted video of a Ferrari roaring around a race track.

The clip in question, which was flagged by Road & Track, shows an F50 GT1 in Rosso Corsa zooming the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. Shot from the vehicle’s cockpit, the video puts you in the driver’s seat of the limited-production racing version of the iconic car as it takes a couple laps around the 3.45-mile long course. And while the whole video is worth your time, the most transporting aspect of it is the soothing sound of the engine as the car maneuvers around the track’s turns and down its straightaways. It’s ASMR for car junkies.

So why does the F50 GT1 sound so sweet? Because it was powered by a massive, naturally aspirated V12 that’s considered to be among the very best ever built by the legendary automaker. That powertrain was capable of producing over 700 hp and revving over 10,000 rpm, and you can really hear it in this clip.

If you’re looking for more videos like this, may we direct you to this clip of Hennessey Performance’s modified C8 Corvette undergoing testing. Yeah, its “specially built” twin-turbo LT2 V8 may not be as powerful as the F50 GT1’s, but it’s still music to our ears.

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