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Watch: This Man Turned His Ford Raptor Into a Cybertruck Lookalike

One key missing ingredient: an electric powertrain.

Good things may come to those who wait, but that doesn’t mean cool things can’t come to those who don’t. Just look at the Tesla superfan in Bosnia and Herzegovina who turned a Ford Raptor into a Cybertruck.

We’re still at least a year away from Elon Musk’s electric pickup going into production, so one of the tech titan’s fans, Igor Krezic, decided to build his own version of the truck. And as a new video from Global News illustrates, the hulking vehicle isn’t just for show.

First things first: It’s important to know that Krezic’s “Cybertruck,” which is built upon the body of one of Ford’s popular high-performance trucks, is missing one very important component: an electric powertrain. It runs, presumably, on the F-150 Raptor’s V6 combustion engine. Other than that, this is a near identical replica of the prototype used to introduce the wildly anticipated EV last November. Krezic, who owns the Stark Solutions custom shop, didn’t have access to any schematics for the zero-emission truck, so he and his team gathered up all the photos and videos they could find to use as their guide.

Igor Krezic's Ford Raptor "Cybertruck"

Igor Krezic’s Ford Raptor “Cybertruck”  YouTube

In the video, Mila Maric, the engineer who designed Krezic’s custom pickup, says the entire project took eight months to complete. She also reveals that as hard as it was to turn the Raptor into a Cybertruck, getting it registered as street-legal may prove to be even more difficult. That’s because its many sharp edges are currently prohibited in the country.

Cybertruck enthusiasts who want the real deal—over 600,000 people have already placed a pre-order—will still have a while to go until they can get their hands on the EV truck. Tesla intends to put the dual- and tri-motor version of the vehicle into production late next year, with the single motor, rear-wheel-drive model expected to follow in 2022.


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