This Badass Bed Cap Will Make Your Ford F-150 Pickup Look Like an ’80s Mustang

Michigan Vehicle Solutions has a sloped, louvered, bed cap that resembles the '80s Ford Mustang Fastback.

Ford Fastback Pick Photo: Courtesy of MVS

If you’ve always looked at the iconic and best-selling Ford F-150 and thought, “Man, I’d love to get one, but I wish it looked more like a mid-’80s Mustang,” an aftermarket company out of Michigan has your (very particular) wish covered.

Michigan Vehicle Solutions, or MVS, bring all the fun of the louvered fastback Mustang from 1986 to your 2015 or newer Ford F-150 in the form of the Aero X. This 260-pound sloping triangular bed cap fits atop any F-150 with a 5.5 or 6.5 foot bed, and gives it that badass feel that could only come from a Fox-bodied ‘Stang of yesteryear. The single-piece fiberglass cap is available in all the high-quality OEM paint colors to match the rest of the body, and has an interior LED dome light for extra visibility in there, an integrated third brake light, gas struts to make opening and closing a breeze, a key-operated lock, and a front sliding window.

Ford Fastback Pick

Ford F-150 pickup with the Aero X bed cap.  Photo: Courtesy of MVS

Those louvers aren’t just for looks; you can get some sun protection out of them without limiting your rearward visibility. And MVS claims the cap is functional beyond getting you noticed at every stoplight, gas station, and parking lot. It says the sloped back makes the F-150 more aerodynamic and will help you get a higher fuel efficiency. Given the 260-pound addition to your truck, we assume those gas mileage gains may be negligible, but who knows.

There’s also an optional rear spoiler from MVS (to help give you all of the downforce!) and you can opt for a built-in speaker system to make your truck the party hotspot. The Aero X starts at $3,995. 


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