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Watch This Modified Ford GT Hit an Incredible 300 MPH

Team M2K Motorsports's Ford GT set a blistering record for street-legal cars at the Texas Mile.

One of the first sets of wheels to crack the 300 club was the Blue Bird, a Bonneville racer that was running a 36.7-liter supercharged Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12 plane engine, good for 2,300 horsepower. It roared into the record books back in September of 1935, and now a heavily modded Ford GT joins it in the annals of history after hitting 300.4 in the standing mile in Texas.

Team M2K Motorsports has been striving for the record for a while with this modified Ford GT. While it makes 2,500 horsepower at the crank, and about 2,000 ponies reach the wheels, the exact modifications to the powertrain are unknown, and the exact horsepower is still a bit of a mystery since the dyno can’t handle the car in its most powerful tune. While it’s not stock—important to note because that leaves the title clear for any other manufacturer to claim—it’s definitely street-legal. Back in 2017, M2K’s GT hit a record for running 293.6 in the standing mile, and in 2013, it was running a 278.2, so the crew’s had 300 in its crosshairs for years.

And after nine prep runs, they nailed it. The quarter mile was eviscerated at 175 mph, 240mph was hit at the half-mile, and right before the chute deployed, 300.4 was hit. Above, you can watch the footage from outside the car, and then below, the in-car footage of the record-breaking run. Things seem remarkably calm behind the wheel, and you’ll notice that the car is still accelerating past the line when the chute is opened, and the speedo clocks in at 306 mph.

Here’s wondering how much faster M2K’s GT will be running the mile in another few years.


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