Front Runners September 2015: Racing Roots

Essentially a MotoGP race bike made street legal, the 375-pound (dry weight) Honda RC213V-S (rc213v-s.com) is powered by a lightweight and compact 1,000 cc V-4 motor that produces 214 hp at 14,000 rpm in unrestricted form. However, to comply with noise regulations, the engine for the U.S. version of the motorcycle is limited to 9,400 rpm and 101 hp.  Notwithstanding the loss in power, the bike is so responsive that owners who ride on the street—and value their licenses—probably will not feel unduly hampered.  The lightweight aluminum frame and swing arm are straight from the RC213V race bike. The chassis features an Öhlins gas-charged racing suspension (also from the race bike), Marchesini wheels, and Brembo brakes. The bodywork is exquisitely hand-finished carbon fiber, available in unfinished black ready for custom painting or in the Honda racing team’s color scheme of red, white, and blue. The bike is priced at $184,000, and production will be limited to 200 examples.

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