FrontRunners: Four to the Floor

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By the end of 2012, Bugatti will cease production of its Veyron coupes (after a production run of 300 cars) and Veyron Grand Sport convertibles (no more than 150 cars). But the French manufacturer’s renaissance is far from over. Unveiled in September to a select group of industry insiders and potential customers at Bugatti’s Molsheim headquarters, the sleek four-door Bugatti 16 C Galibier Concept ( is one of three concept cars the company plans to introduce by late 2010. The Galibier carries design traits from the Veyron, but the sedan’s mechanics are largely new. Its 8-liter W-16 engine—which can run on ethanol—sits in the front of the car and incorporates a two-stage supercharger (instead of the twin turbochargers of the Veyron) for additional power.

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