FrontRunners: Ship Shape

Photo by Peter Morris

Mahogany runabouts from the 1960s receive their due from the Digital Veneer Tribute Vespa (www.digitalveneer.com), a limited-edition scooter designed by Digital Veneer. The New Zealand–based company manufactures a lightweight material that can be used instead of wood in the construction of boats, aircraft, and autos. The Tribute’s body is made from this material, which, in this case, looks like mahogany but is light enough not to impede the scooter’s performance. Digital Veneer plans to outfit only 25 examples of the scooter, which can be based on either the Vespa LX 50 4V ($12,995), the Vespa LX 150 ($14,995), or the Vespa GTV 300 ($17,995) platform.

Penske Luxury

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