FrontRunners: The Last McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 became an instant classic when it rolled onto the automotive scene in 1994. All of the 64 production road cars that were built quickly sold, except for one, which had been parked in the company’s London showroom for a decade, until it recently was removed to make way for the XP5 prototype. Now available for purchase, this showroom model represents one last opportunity for a collector to become an original owner of a McLaren F1.



“It is the only unsold, unregistered F1 available. There are definitely no more,” says Harold Dermott, McLaren’s head of customer care. The vehicle is silver with a black interior and has 140 miles on the odometer (logged during test runs). It comes with fitted luggage, a toolbox, and the full array of services that McLaren offers F1 owners, including a factory visit and a personal seat fitting. 

The price tag, when converted from British pounds, is just over $1.7 million. Interested parties should send a fax to +44.1483.772330. 

Penske Luxury

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