Buying a holiday gift for the person who has everything is no easy feat. But fear not: Robb Report is here to help. We've assembled more than 150 gift ideas, ranging from state-of-the-art technology to cutting-edge home design to exclusive, "Wait-did-I-read-that-right?" experiences. Whether you're shopping for a world traveler, a dedicated adrenaline junky or a budding watch collector, the gifts below will impress even the most discerning personalities on your list.

10 Thrilling Gifts for the Adrenaline Junkies in Your Life

Whether it’s flying with jet packs or heli-skiing first tracks, these suggestions should stoke the Type T personality in your life.

Flying with JetPack Aviation, FlyFighterJet.com, The AMG Driving Academy’s Winter Sporting course. Photo: Courtesy of Jetpack Aviation; Courtesy of FlyFighterJet.com; Courtesy of AMG Experiences

We all know someone who prefers to live life at the redline and whose greatest fear is the thought of sitting still. When it’s time to show them you care, a bottle of Bordeaux, a cruise or cooking classes just won’t cut it. But what do you get the person who has already bungee-jumped, climbed, dived from the sky and under the sea and still needs a new thrill?

The following heart-pounding experiences and related products, from piloting a Formula 1 race car to surfing on a hydrofoil to flying with a jet pack, all promise to push the needle past the comfort zone to the delight of your favorite daredevil. Oh, but save the croquet lessons for Aunt Ethel.

Penske Luxury

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