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Gordon Murray Automotive Unveils a Sleek Open-Top Version of Its T.33 Supercar

The marque will build only 100 examples of the new Spider variant.

A front 3/4 view of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider Gordon Murray Automotive

Gordon Murray Automotive figured out a way to make the T.33 driving experience even more engaging and visceral—remove the roof.

The legendary designer’s marque has just unveiled an open-top Spider variant of its eagerly anticipated mid-engine supercar. When its two targa roof panels are removed, the driver and passenger will hear (and feel) the distinct roar of the vehicle’s naturally aspirated V-12 like never before.

Turning a coupe into a roadster isn’t as simple as just chopping off its roof. A lot of work went into maintaining the general look and capabilities of the T.33. The automaker opted for removable carbon-fiber targa panels instead of a power-folding roof to keep the car’s weight as low as possible. To accommodate the change, the windshield header has been pushed forward ever so slightly, while the protective roof hoop positioned behind the car’s two seats has been equipped with deployable windows. Material has also been added to the car’s rocker panels to increase chassis rigidity, but despite all these modifications, the Spider is just 40 pounds heavier than the coupe.

Gordon Murray and the Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider
Gordon Murray a the T.33 Spider Gordon Murray Automotive

The two-seat cabin remains basically the same. The driver’s cockpit still features an analog tachometer along with digital touchscreens that can be used to control the climate control and infotainment systems. The roadster’s roof panels take up room in the car’s trunk when they’re not in use, but there are two luggage compartments with over six cubic feet of combined space located on either side of the engine to ensure there’s always some storage room. Even supercars can be practical.

Also untouched is the T.33’s mid-mounted 4.0-liter Cosworth-built V-12. The potent mill comes mounted to a six-speed manual transmission that sends all 607 hp and 332 ft lbs of torque to the rear axle. Originally, the coupe was available with an automatic transmission, but due to customer disinterest, the Spider comes exclusively with a manual gearbox.

Inside the Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider
Inside the T.33 Spider Gordon Murray Automotive

“When drawing a car I imagine what it’s going to feel like to sit in, and how it will feel to drive,” Murray said in a statement. “So, from the first sketch, I knew that, with its open cockpit and the incredible Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine right behind you, the T.33 Spider would deliver a truly involving driving experience that’s quite unlike anything else.”

The T.33 Spider will be available for £1.89 million (about $2.36 million). The British marque plans to build just 100 examples of the open-top supercar, half of which are already spoken for, according to Road & Track. You’ll need to be fast if you want to get your name down for one because whether it’s the T.50 or T.33, GMA’s supercars sell out quickly.

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