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Car Design Q&A: Why Henrik Fisker Is Charged Up About His New All-Electric EMotion

The automobile designer discusses proportion, power, and performance as it pertains to his latest creation.

Fisker Emotion exterior Photo: Courtesy Fisker

Maverick automotive designer Henrik Fisker has his sights firmly set on the future of the industry as evidenced from his latest focus, the Fisker EMotion. Starting at $129,000, the all-electric vehicle will roll out in 2019 with a top speed of 161 mph, a 400-mile range, and the ability to substantially charge in a matter of minutes.

What are your defining design characteristics and how do they translate to the Fisker EMotion?

My signature is the use of a lot of sculpture and the search for the perfect proportions between that sculpture and the lines and graphics of the car. What is unique about the Fisker EMotion is that we started from a clean sheet of paper and looked at the advantages that an electric power train provided us.

Without a gasoline engine in front and a gas tank in the rear, the typical proportions of a four-door sedan could change to be more like those of a mid-engine supercar. We shortened the hood, pushed down the front end, gave it a much more curved roof, and integrated a strong rear diffuser for better aerodynamics. And the traditional front grille was traded for an aluminum piece that incorporates a light radar system. The car is really a mix of clean design and high technology, which is our goal moving forward in the future of automotive development and tomorrow’s vehicles.

Henrik Fisker portrait

Henrik Fisker portrait  Photo: Courtesy


What was your motivation to return to the electric power train?

One of my responsibilities within the industry is to figure out a way to solve the problem presented by the increase in vehicles and their respective polluting. Purely electric cars are part of the solution but only if people want to buy them. For that to happen, there has to be beautiful design paired with a long range and the capability of ultra-fast charging.

With the Fisker EMotion’s range of more than 400 miles and the ability to regain greater than a quarter of that back with only 9 minutes of charging, the capabilities are getting close to what you can achieve at a gas station—and that’s a very big step.

Fisker Emotion interior

Fisker Emotion interior  Photo: Courtesy Fisker

What were some of your greatest challenges in developing the EMotion?

The biggest challenge was attaining the range we wanted. We basically designed the vehicle around the dedicated battery space needed for a 400-mile capacity. The trick was to do so and still have the car look great. I believe we have created a vehicle that truly refines the electric car with optimal proportions, especially in a four-door sedan.

What’s next for Fisker Inc.?

While the Fisker EMotion starts at $129,000, the subsequent project we’re working on is a vehicle that can be produced in high volume and at a more reasonable price—one that can be attainable for many people. It’s a little too early to talk about the details, but that’s what’s next.

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