Hitting the Track the Easy Way

The world of MotoGP racing is a richly funded, high-stakes microcosm where the best of the best do battle on million-dollar machines. But the Grand Prix world stage isn’t entirely inaccessible. Feeder fields like the current Moto2 and the upcoming Moto3 series allow privateers on relatively affordable bikes to compete at MotoGP events, enabling burgeoning talent to rise through the ranks on motorcycles considerably more approachable than the 230 hp big dogs.

Honda Racing Corp.’s latest offering is tailor-made for Moto3. The new NSF250R offers a race-ready package in strict compliance with the rule book: a liquid-cooled 249 cc four-stroke engine is tilted 15 degrees for mass centralization, and the single-cylinder screamer produces maximum power at 13,000 rpm. Titanium valves and nickel silicon carbide-treated cylinders aid performance, while an aluminum twin-tube frame maximizes rigidity and compactness. And if the international milieu of GP racing doesn’t suit your professional aspirations, the NSF250R is also approved for the USGPRU Moto3 and WERA Road Racing classes in the United States.

The NSF250R is an ideal entry point for aspiring racers, and its down-to-earth MSRP of $28,599 makes it a refreshingly democratic way to hit the track. (www.powersports.honda.com)

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