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This Bonkers Hummer EV Garage Concept Is Like a Bond Villain’s Lair in the California Desert

The stylish digs are courtesy of renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler.

Cars are slowly making their way out of the garage and into our living rooms. It’s not a look that’s for everyone—having a Lambo smack in the middle of a lounge may be a bit too statement-making for some—but there’s no better way to showcase a prized marque. The latest iteration of this trend is a concept garage for the soon-to-come GMC Hummer EV, which imagines a world where cars and humans live side-by-side, and look great while doing it.

The concept was designed by Kelly Wearstler, whose interiors embody the bold-yet-breezy aesthetics of the Golden State. Her vision for Hummer is no different, imagining a home in the Southern California desert that juxtaposes the futuristic EV with the spare, arid landscape. “There’s this major contrast between the super-modern and futuristic vehicle and the earthy desert,” says Wearstler. “[Then] there are elements of the Hummer EV that are subtly reinterpreted throughout the garage—like the entry gates and the sleek bronze shell—which make it feel at home.”

Design, Garage, Car, Home, Kelly Wearstler

An elevator lifts the Hummer onto the main level.  Kelly Wearstler Studio

Naturally, since this is meant to be a “livable garage” concept, the interiors are just as carefully considered as the gates, which are designed to look like a massive “H.” Wearstler placed her own Echo bench and Monolith side table in the concept, as well as a few vintage pieces from famed designers, like the wavy Etcetera chair by Jan Ekselius and the more angular Quarta lounge chair by Mario Botta. The EV itself is meant to sit in the middle of the space—once you drive up it’s lifted into the room via a futuristic elevator.

Like any coveted piece of art or sculpture, it’s worth having good lighting for this automotive centerpiece. Wearstler placed a slatted skylight in the concept garage, providing an indirect light that emulates the Hummer’s sunroof.

Kelly Wearstler, Home, Design, Car, Garage

Wearstler furnished the livable garage with a mix of her designs and more vintage pieces.  Kelly Wearstler Studio

Alas, this West-Coast-meets-Bond-villain lair isn’t a reality yet, but it offers a look at what the future might like for car collectors who want to take their garages to the next level. “My vision was to reinvent the way that we live with our vehicles, which are embedded in the fabric of our daily life,” Wearstler adds. “The Hummer EV has no emissions so it makes it possible for us to live with it harmoniously; I wanted to imagine architecture that brings it inside so we can truly enjoy its beauty.”

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