Insider’s Las Vegas: Best Bets: High-Speed Rollers

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Although Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is not in Las Vegas—the facility sits 60 miles west of the Strip—this automotive oasis is well worth the drive. The 193-acre property is the only private motorsports country club in the southwestern United States. Its exclusive driving-club facility, called Club Spring Mountain, features a challenging 3.5-mile track, 80 single- or double-bay garages, three fleets of high-performance cars, and an 8,000-?square-foot clubhouse reserved solely for members and their guests. The clubhouse includes a 75-seat dining area, a billiard table, and a poker table, as well as a dozen plasma TVs equipped for closed-circuit video displays of your rounds on the track. Club Spring Mountain also offers members the opportunity to show off their driving abilities in the Spring Mountain Radical, Sports, and Exotic Car Race Series, which involves two-day track meets 10 weekends per year (open to all members). Memberships to Club Spring Mountain require one-time initiation fees that range from $15,000 to $100,000, depending on the program level, and monthly dues from $150 to $500. The fees guarantee members exclusive track time for as many as 16 days per month.



Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, www.springmountainmotorsports.com

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