Italy’s Alfa Romeo Museum Is Back and Better Than Ever

After a yearlong renovation, the museum is open again with 69 historically significant Alfa Romeos…

After closing in 2011 and undergoing a yearlong renovation that began in 2014, La Macchina del Tempo: Museo Storico Alfa Romeo (museoalfaromeo.com), the Italian auto brand’s historical museum, reopened last year just outside Milan.  

The museum, which first opened in 1976, displays 69 Alfa Romeo models, ranging chronologically from the A.L.F.A. 24-HP of 1910 to the 8C Competizione, which debuted in 2006. Other notable cars include the wedge-shaped Carabo concept car designed by Bertone’s Marcello Gandini in 1968 and the Iguana concept car (shown), which debuted in 1969. The museum’s collection also includes examples of the 8C 2900 and 33 Stradale that are similar to the ones featured elsewhere in this issue (see “The Italian Carrozzerias That Created Some of History’s Most Iconic Car Designs”).  

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