Jaguar XJ Supersport

The redesigned Jaguar XJ looks young and stylish—just like the type of person who is apparently supposed to drive it. At its unveiling last July, Jaguar appeared intent on reestablishing the cool quotient of the XJ model line, a sedan whose basic shape had not changed dramatically since company founder Sir William Lyons introduced it in 1968. The all-new XJ’s long, slinky, and smartly elegant shape represents a continuation of Jaguar’s new design theme as drawn by Ian Callum for last year’s XF. The most muscular member of the XJ lineup, the Supersport has a new supercharged 5-liter V-8 that produces 510 hp. Equipped with power and style to match, Jaguar’s new flagship sedan certainly makes a statement. Pros: After 40 years, the XJ finally receives a proper redesign. Cons: Jaguar traditionalists will undoubtedly be opposed to it.

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