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Watch Jay Leno and Elon Musk Take the Tesla Cybertruck for a Spin in Los Angeles

Leno is one of the first people outside Tesla to try it out.

Elon Musk must really like Jay Leno, because he just entrusted him to test-drive his futuristic Cybertruck through the busy streets of Los Angeles.

The former late-night talk show host jumped behind the wheel of the polygonal prototype in a new episode of CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage, which airs on Wednesday, May 27 at 10 pm EST. This makes Leno one of the first people outside of Tesla to put the electric pickup through its paces.

In the promo, which dropped over the long weekend, Leno meets Musk and his hotly anticipated Cybertruck at Tesla’s California headquarters for the history-making test drive. The pair take to the streets of Los Angeles and Leno immediately praises the instant acceleration and the car’s fabulous greenhouse.

The Tesla Cybertruck


Musk also discusses the proportion of the production truck, which he says will be five percent smaller than the original concept, so it can fit in an average garage. However, since then, Musk has amended his statement, tweeting that he and Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, decided against the change. So, the production model will remain “pretty much this size.”

Leno then asks Musk why it the Cybertuck has to be bulletproof. “Because it’s badass and super cool. I mean, do you want your truck to be bullet-proof or not?” Musk laughs. “When the apocalypse comes, you’ll be glad it’s bullet-proof. We want to be a leader in apocalypse technology.”

In another clip, Musk tests Leno’s driving skills by daring him to take the Cybertruck through one of The Boring Company’s test tunnels. The tunnel runs for 1.1 miles underneath Los Angeles and is part of Musk’s rapid transit system, which The Boring Company is rolling out. The tunnel is roughly 14 feet wide and a very tight fit for the 6-foot-wide Cybertruck, but Leno manages to successfully maneuver the brute.


So, when can the rest of us get behind the wheel of a Cybertruck? Production is slated to begin in late-2021 and Tesla has reportedly already received more than 600,000 preorders.

Tune in tonight for more Cybertruck antics.

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