Ken Lingenfelter Delivers Stunning Cars to Robb Report’s NAIAS Studio [VIDEO]

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and the Lingenfelter Collection brought modern and vintage Corvettes to Detroit…

Ken Lingenfelter, owner, president, and CEO of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, has motor oil in his blood. His father ran a Fisher Body plant in Ohio and his late cousin John Lingenfelter was a famous drag racer who founded the company 43 years ago. Ken now runs the operation, which produces modern muscle cars, such as the 800 hp Lingenfelter Corvette Z06, which is one of the 12 cars on display at the Robb Report Live studio at NAIAS in Detroit. Also on display is the gorgeous vintage 1967 Corvette 427 Coupe from the Lingenfelter Collection—and while Lingenfelter is a self-proclaimed “Corvette guy,” his go-to car for a Sunday drive might surprise you… Watch the video to learn more. (lingenfelter.com, thelingenfeltercollection.com)Read more about Robb Report at the 2016 Detroit auto show. >>

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