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Watch a Fast-Talking Vlogger Jump a Lamborghini Urus Over a Matching Aventador

It could've been a costly $600,000 disaster.

They say sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. One fast-talking YouTuber has put that theory to the test with a pair of rarefied Raging Bulls and his wife-to-be, no less.

Michael Hyssong, the man behind the Street Speed 717 channel, has garnered a rep for nail-biting stunts that attract millions of views of YouTube, and, evidently, the occasional lawsuit. Hyssong is currently facing 18 counts for jumping his Ram TRX over a stream at the beginning of the year, though it appears that hasn’t deterred him. On the contrary, this latest stunt is arguably even riskier as it involves two six-figure Lamborghinis as well as his (blissfully unaware) fiancée.

In the 20-minute clip, Hyssong jumps a $218,000 Urus over a $400,000 Aventador. The 650 hp SUV that Hyssong uses to complete the jump actually belongs to his betrothed. During the video, Hyssong mentions he failed to ask if he could borrow her car, which was a risky move given the pending nuptials. The sacrificial V-12 supercar, meanwhile, was part of Hyssong’s personal fleet, and, thankfully, evaded being crushed by the 4,850 pound Urus.

To set up for the stunt, Hyssong constructed one of his signature homemade dirt ramps and “did basic calculations.” He also switched the Urus into Off-Road mode in order to lift the air suspension and give it more ground clearance. The V-8-powered beast, which was named Robb Report’s Car of the Year in 2019, clears the jump with just inches to spare, to the delight of Lambo lovers everywhere.

At another point in the clip, Hyssong addresses the charges that have been brought against him by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for the Ram TRX shenanigans. With a speaking cadence that wouldn’t be out of place on a used car lot, he declares that the allegations would not deter him from executing more jumps. No, this brave YouTuber won’t let The Man stop him from fulfilling his life’s mission: to always be contenting. God bless our mad parade.


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