Lamborghini’s Huracán RWD Spyder Proves That Less Can Indeed Be More

The recently released raging bull is a wilder ride than its all-wheel-drive counterpart…

Sometimes, when it comes to enjoying a visceral driving experience, the simpler the vehicle, the better. Especially when it comes to sports cars. It’s because the more that drivers are coddled—whether by soundproof interiors, electronic safety systems, automatic this-and-that—the softer they become. Probably no single across-the-board evolution in drivetrain technology has altered the landscape more than all-wheel drive (AWD), and today, almost every sports and luxury marque has a model (or an entire lineup) that drives all four wheels.

The argument is sound: greater safety afforded in all weather, sure-footed handling around curves, and nearly foolproof oversight of bad drivers’ judgment. I guess it’s nice to have a nanny, powdering and diapering a baby before he has an “accident,” but some grown-up kids are too rambunctious to want the added layer of protection afforded by all-wheel drive. Cars so equipped are more complex, heavier, and less flickable than those where the rear wheels give all the orders and the throttle becomes your best friend.


One of our favorite cars of late is the Lamborghini Huracán, maybe the best all-around Lamborghini to date. (Wait for the Performante!) Lambo’s AWD Spyder just tied with Porsche’s Turbo S as the 2017 Car of the Year winner. Available in coupe and convertible versions, it’s a car that really shines on road or track, powered by a naturally aspirated, V-10 engine and clothed in, what I consider, the best body around. Complementing these AWD cars are the Huracán RWD Coupe and Spyder—our review car—that eschew all-wheel drive in favor of plain-vanilla rear-wheel drive. It’s just the flavor we like, and our pick as the one Lamborghini (well, make mine a coupe) that we’d want to drive every day.

Visually, both front and rear ends are slightly redesigned, for an even more aggressive look. Sure, they’re not as well tamed as their AWD siblings; imagine a pet parrot that occasionally takes a sharp beak to its owner, but is so entertaining that one is happy to put up with the attitude. Like that parrot, this Huracán will nip out the end when provoked, but the steering is so precise and linear, and the feedback so refined, that the car gives ample warning when its driver provokes too much. With 580 hp, a top speed of 198 mph, and a zero-to-60 mph time of about 3.5 seconds, it delivers thrills to match its style and the dynamic handling to please those in search of the purest driving experience. (lamborghini.com)

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