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This Modern Range Rover Concept Comes With Suicide Doors—and You Have an Intern to Thank for It

Designer Shijie Yu thinks his Range Rover will appeal to younger drivers.

Let’s hope that someone at Jaguar Land Rover is paying attention to the interns. Because if they are, there’s a precocious designer with an idea or two about how to rejuvenate the Range Rover for the next generation.

Shijie Yu, a young transportation designer based out of Los Angeles who interned for the British automaker in 2018, has dreamed up a new version of the 50-year-old SUV he believes will have more appeal to younger drivers. He lays out his vision in a new video (via Motor 1) and it’s hard not to be excited by his 3-D model of the vehicle, especially if you’re a fan of suicide doors.

Dubbed the Range Rover Nouvel, Yu’s take on the SUV doesn’t look all that different from the fourth-generation Range Rover of today. It features the same general profile and lighting package of the current version, but has had its edges rounded off, resulting in sleeker, more modern lines. Not all of Yu’s tweaks are so subtle, though. The most notable modifications include a glass covered front grille and, of course, those bold suicide doors. Sure, they may not be the most practical design flourish, but you can’t deny that they add some serious swagger to the vehicle.

2022 Range Rover Nouvel

2022 Range Rover Nouvel  Shijie Yu

The doors open up to reveal more of Yu’s handiwork. The young designer completely reimagined the vehicle’s interior. The cabin feels roomy and wide open, thanks in part to the use of light colors and luxury materials like leather, polished wood and metal trim. But most intriguing of all may be the flexibility built into several elements, like the center console, seat backs and arm rests, which pull out and open up to reveal secret compartments and functions. The vehicle, of course, still offers ample cargo space, including a compartment in the trunk where you can store a suit without worrying about wrinkling it.

“This project focuses more of the interior design, and the combination of the future technology and classic luxury is the theme for the design,” Yu writes on his website. “Think about how the modern technology can help enhance the user experience yet still capture the luxury mood with a simpler design language.”


2022 Range Rover Nouvel

Shijie Yu

Of course, as thrilling as Yu’s Range Rover Nouvel may be, there are no signs that Land Rover is even considering refreshing the SUV anytime in the near future. Fortunately, if they do, they should have Yu’s contact info on file.

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