Lexus Just Dropped a 2020 Version of Its Famed ‘Champagne Glasses’ Commercial From the ’80s

The original ad, "Banquet," is now thought of as a classic.

Lexus is celebrating 30 years in business by going back to the very beginning. The luxury automaker is celebrating its pearl anniversary by recreating its famed champagne glass commercial from 1989.

Considered one of the most successful car commercials of all time, “Banquet”—or as it’s come to be known, “Champagne Glasses”—was Lexus’s attempt to show American audiences just how refined (read: quiet) its vehicles were. In the 30-second spot, a delicate pyramid of 15 champagne glasses is set up on the hood of an LS400 that’s been strapped to a dyno. The car accelerates to 145 mph, but the glasses do not budge.

“The Lexus LS400 is designed to stir the soul and not much else,” the deep-voiced narrator famously says as the commercial comes to an end.

Lexus hasn’t completely copied the original ad for its anniversary campaign, but there are an awful lot of knowing nods to the famous spot. In the minute-long clip, parent company Toyota Motor’s CEO Akio Toyoda can be seen stacking the glasses on the hood of a LS500 that has also been strapped to a dyno. But in contrast to the dignified, fairly self-serious tone of the first spot, this edition is one of unrestrained glee, as a delighted Akio looks into the camera after accelerating to 145 mph without disturbing the glasses and proclaims, “It still works!”

While Lexus’s anniversary was actually last year, the celebratory spot has only recently made its way to the internet. We’re guessing that anyone who remembers the original will be happy it did.


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