Living Vehicle’s Luxe New Travel Trailer Can Charge Your EV—and Then Get Towed by It

A solar power and a dual inverter mean you can use this trailer to power your EV.

It’s not just automakers that are embracing the electric revolution these days. Luxury travel trailer makers are getting in on the action, too.

Witness Living Vehicle’s newest model: The brand’s 2022 camper features a range-topping Pro-EV variant designed to be towed by a battery-powered vehicle—and then charge it, if needed.

Thanks to its trademark aluminum skin, the new Living Vehicle trailer looks just like its predecessors. But dig into the details and it’s clear that this posh camper is a different animal. That’s especially clear with the LVEnergy System, which helps make it the most powerful off-the-grid trailer in the world. The system includes upgraded SunPower solar panels that can generate up to 3,520 W of power, nearly twice as much energy storage as before (up to 57.6 kWh) and a standard 5 kW power inverter. If you’re in a sunny area, the brand says this setup can sustain power indefinitely.

Living Vehicle’s 2022 travel trailer  Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

The Pro-EV variant also comes with a 20kW dual inverter that’s strong enough to charge an EV—the brand mentions Tesla’s Cybertruck as one example—meaning you’ll be able to push range anxiety to the side when you’re out on the road.

The trailer’s living space has also been given a makeover. The model has been designed to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, with oversized windows, a skylight, as well as an eight-foot sliding glass door. Meanwhile, the fully integrated balcony-style deck can support up to 15,000 pounds.

Inside Living Vehicle’s 2022 travel trailer  Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Of course, no one would blame you for spending a lot of time inside this trailer. The 232-square-foot interior is more like a luxury residence than a trailer. There’s a fully appointed kitchen with a removable island, a solar-powered refrigerator and a three-burner oven. The spa-style bathroom even has a rainfall shower.

The space’s pièce de résistance, though, is a master bedroom with skylight and room for a queen-size bed. For those who need to dig into spreadsheets while on the road, it can be easily converted into a media room with a 70-inch 4K HD display and Sonos surround sound or a desk with an 80-inch desk. Even better, you can customize it with a built-in washer/dryer so you can have clean clothes without ever having to stop your trip.

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

“We designed Living Vehicle with freedom in mind, granting travelers the ability to experience every corner of the country and stay connected and comfortable along the way,” co-founder Matthew Hofmann said in a statement. “Our new 2022 Living Vehicle builds on the success of our past models while enabling owners to travel even further and live truly sustainably along the way.”

As you might expect, this camper doesn’t come cheap. The 2022 Living Vehicle travel trailer starts at $249,000 for the base Core version. The brand didn’t put an exact price on the Pro-EV edition but said it would cost at least twice that, so you can expect to pony about a half mil for that emissions-free road trip. Orders are open now, and it will take 10-12 months for delivery. You’ll want to act fast, though—last year’s model sold out.

Check out more photos of the 2022 model below:

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

Matt Wier/Living Vehicle

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