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This Luxe New All-Electric Travel Trailer Lets You Live on Solar Power Alone

The HD comes in three sizes with a spa-like bathroom, a fold down patio, and skylight-lit bedroom.

Living Vehicle HD Matt Wier

Living Vehicles’s newest trailer wants to help you become even more self-reliant.

The newly released 2024 HD sleeper has been in development for past three years—and it follows a familiar theme for the brand: The swanky trailer is designed to make you self-sufficient when you head off-grid, thanks to a renewable electrical system that offers up more solar power than most residential homes.

The powerhouse’s source can be found atop the HD’s newly designed roof, home to a 4.4kW dual-solar awning. The trailer, upgraded from a previous Living Vehicle offering, harnesses all that energy in up to 72kWh of storage and 18kW of inverter power—depending on the model—which runs all onboard electrical equipment.

Similar to the 2023 version, the setup is in charge of the trailer’s nifty Watergen tech, which extracts humidity from the air to produce five gallons of potable H20 a day. Its new 24k BTU battery-powered, mini-split HVAC, meanwhile, will keep you cool in temps up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit; if colder climes are more your speed, the trailer can keep you toasty even when it’s -4 degrees Fahrenheit outside. With the air-conditioning system moved to the basement, the new Pro model now has a wall-to-wall solar capacity of up to 6kW, which can power all of the vehicle’s appliances.

Inside the Living Vehicle HD's residential-style kitchen with an indoor-outdoor design.
Inside the Living Vehicle HD’s residential-style kitchen with an indoor-outdoor design. Matt Wier

“As this innovative model replaces the prior generation Living Vehicle, the new platform represents a significant leap forward in technology and design evolution,” Matthew Hoffman, Living Vehicle cofounder told Robb Report via email. “The fact that we can now deliver power to all onboard electronic equipment that generates incredible amounts of solar electricity permits self-sufficiency.”

Beyond the impressive tech, the HD is also easy on the eyes. Like its predecessor, the 2024 edition features a sleek aluminum shell and chassis with steel-reinforced load points for durability. Inside, you’ll find windows and skylights throughout the lofty space, with touches of black walnut, that show off the HD’s focus on indoor-outdoor living. That feeling is amplified when you extend the living space via an automated patio deck—complete with an integrated railing system.

The trailer offers plenty of adaptable configurations based on your preferences, such as a removable kitchen island and a drop-down guest bed. A zero-gravity lounge equipped with space for 4K Home Theater systems or an 80-inch dual work station complete with Wi-Fi may be a good choice, depending on whether you want to work or play while on the road.

The primary bedroom on Living Vehicle HD with an overhead skylight and two large windows for scenic views.
The primary bedroom with an overhead skylight and two large windows for scenic views. Matt Wier

While the 2023 edition sleeps six, the new model can house up to eight travelers. An overhead skylight in the Queen- and King-sized suites allows you to sleep under the stars. You also have access to over 150 square feet of storage space in overhead lockers, under-bed storage, and a six-foot-tall closet. Private air-conditioning and an optional 70-inch 4K HD Private Home Theater inside the suites make the bedrooms feel more like a 5-star hotel, along with a spa-like bathroom.

Living Vehicle is now taking orders for the new 2024 HD model lineup. You can choose from three models—Core, HD Max, and HD Pro—which offer increasing levels of solar, power and energy capacity. Prices start at $459,995 for the Core model and go up to $639,995 at the top of the range.

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