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Watch the 2000 HP Lotus Evija EV Showcase Its 5 Driving Modes on the Track

Five driving modes allow for everyday usability.

Lotus Evija EV Lotus

It’s one thing to announce the world’s most powerful production vehicle, it’s another to actually deliver on that outlandish promise in a zero-emission package. But a new video from Lotus suggests that the British automaker is very close to doing just that.

The video, which was just posted to YouTube, offers the best look yet at the upcoming 2000 horsepower Evija, easily one of the most anticipated vehicles in recent memory. And while we’re still waiting to see the futuristic EV pushed to its limits, the footage shows off how versatile the speedster can be thanks to its different driving modes.

In the clip, Lotus’s director of vehicle attributes Gavan Kershaw can be seen taking the camo-covered hypercar for a spin around the company’s Hethel test track while walking viewers through the vehicle’s five driving modes. The first, Range, dials down the horsepower to 1,000 to maximize battery life. That’s followed by City and Touring, each of which ratchet up the power while also making it easier to deal with traffic and improving handling, respectively. Up next is Sport, which is similar to Touring, except it boosts output from 1,400 to 1,700 horses. Finally, and most exciting of all, is Track mode, which allows drivers to fully make use of the vehicle’s 1,972 horsepower and 1,253 lb-ft of torque.

Kershaw also explains how these modes help the car adjust to the road and how you are driving it, making a case for the Evija as a hypercar that can actually be driven every day. Other highlights of the video include a peak at its mid-car battery pack and DSSV dampers, as well as multiple shots of the forward positioned cockpit to illustrate how it will look when you’re behind the wheel.


Like so many other automakers, Lotus has felt the impact of the coronavirus. Development of the car was delayed by five months, which has pushed back the scheduled late 2020 delivery of the first batch of Evijas. Despite this, the automaker fully expects its game-changing EV, which will be limited to a run of just 130, to hit the road next year.

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