Lotus Evora

Juxtaposed to the sports-car offerings of Lamborghini, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, the Lotus Evora (www.lotuscars.com) may appear to be a small fish in a tank of great whites. But those looking for a serious sports car should not discount this petite performer. Equipped with a modest 276 hp naturally aspirated V-6 engine, the Evora may not keep pace with its category competition in a straight line, but it hugs corners better than many of the world’s most coveted exotics. As the first all-new Lotus since the Elise made its debut in 1995, the Evora represents the British automaker’s most recent foray into building civilized road cars rather than track-day toys. The 2+2 mid-engine sports car is easy to climb into and surprisingly comfortable, providing sufficient room in front to accommodate two adults who are as tall as 6 feet, 8 inches; in back there is ample space for two small children. Lotus plans to hand-build 2,000 Evoras each year; the 800 examples to arrive in the United States will have a base price of $73,500.

Buyers in search of a refreshing alternative to the Porsche 911 should seriously consider this latest Lotus; those in need of cup holders should look elsewhere.

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