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The State With the Most Luxury Cars Isn’t California or New York

A new study says you’re likely to see more luxury vehicles on the road in New Jersey than anywhere else in the US.


New York and California have long been at the epicenter of luxury in the US, but what about when it comes to cars? Turns out another proud but oft-overlooked state can now claim top honors for having the most impressive vehicles in the country. 

New Jersey has edged out its bigger siblings and is now home to the most luxury vehicles in the nation by percentage, according to new findings released by iSeeCars. The study analyzed 10.9 million used car sales from July 2021 through June 2022. The metrics were calculated by tallying the number of vehicles from luxury automakers in each state.  

Over the last year, analysts found that luxury vehicles accounted for 17.7 percent of all car sales. In the Garden State, 27.9 percent of residents have reportedly put their money into higher-priced automobiles. Next in line was California at 25.2 percent, followed by Connecticut at 24.6 percent and Florida at 22.1 percent. New York still maintains its prestige in the top five spot with 21.5 percent.  

luxury cars in us state

A new study revealed which US state had the most luxury car sales  Getty

A record number of 15 states were found to have above-average numbers of luxury car sales, with nine of them located on the East Coast—including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland and Virginia. Among the states with the lowest shares was Wyoming, which ranked last at a modest 5.2 percent. North Dakota, Vermont, Montana and West Virginia followed suit with the lowest number of luxury vehicle sales.  

So, what makes some states buy more luxury cars than others? Analysts noted that population density was a key factor in their findings. States with the fewest luxury cars also have the lowest population density. Those with smaller populations typically have fewer numbers of cars on the road (also: duh). So, considering that New Jersey has consistently been among the most densely populated states in America, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a Ferrari or three cruising down the Jersey Turnpike. 

Check out the full ranking of states with the most luxury cars below:

Ranking of States by Share of Luxury Cars – iSeeCars Study
Rank State % Share of Luxury Cars
1 New Jersey 27.9%
2 California 25.2%
3 Connecticut 24.6%
4 Florida 22.1%
5 New York 21.5%
6 Georgia 20.4%
7 Massachusetts 20.3%
8 Illinois 19.9%
9 Rhode Island 19.5%
10 Maryland 19.5%
11 Oregon 18.8%
12 Nevada 18.6%
13 Hawaii 18.1%
14 Virginia 17.8%
15 Arizona 17.7%
National Average 17.7%
16 Texas 17.5%
17 Delaware 17.3%
18 North Carolina 16.3%
19 Washington 16.3%
20 Colorado 16.3%
21 Pennsylvania 15.6%
22 Mississippi 14.7%
23 South Carolina 14.6%
24 Alabama 14.2%
25 New Hampshire 14.1%
26 Tennessee 14.0%
27 Louisiana 14.0%
28 Michigan 13.8%
29 Ohio 13.6%
30 Missouri 12.8%
31 Indiana 12.6%
32 Minnesota 12.2%
33 Utah 12.1%
34 Oklahoma 11.6%
35 Kansas 11.5%
36 Arkansas 11.4%
37 Kentucky 10.9%
38 Nebraska 10.5%
39 Wisconsin 10.4%
40 Alaska 10.0%
41 New Mexico 9.8%
42 Iowa 9.2%
43 Maine 8.4%
44 South Dakota 7.6%
45 Idaho 7.3%
46 West Virginia 6.6%
47 Montana 6.5%
48 Vermont 6.4%
49 North Dakota 6.2%
50 Wyoming 5.2%

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