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Meet the Canadian Who Drives His Lamborghini Huracan Every Single Day of Winter

“Who cares if I’m going to get a scratch or something?”

Canada has a hero who drives his Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 throughout the winter—every damn day. Meet Oren Zamir, a 30-year-old salesman from Edmonton, who worked so hard for his Huracan that he doesn’t want to let frigid temps keep him from enjoying it.

Zamir bought his Huracan in 2018, used with about 18,000 miles on the odometer. He’d hoped to have it a year prior, but he missed his sales goals at the home security company where he works. So the next year, Zamir, who is a regional manager, went door-to-door with his employees to help bolster sales. It worked, and Zamir soon took delivery of a matte black Huracan to which he added baby blue accents.

The Huracan has 610-horsepower, is all-wheel-drive, and retails for more than $240,000. “I’ve spent my best money, I’ve worked so hard for it, who cares if I’m going to get a scratch or something because of winter,” Zamir told CBC in an interview. “I’m going to enjoy it day in and day out.”

His version of enjoyment often seems to include four-wheel donuts in snow-covered parking lots, if the videos on his Instagram are any indication.

The CBC story notes that Zamir doesn’t plan on ditching the donuts, even after hitting a snowbank and damaging the front fascia. “That’s mainly an issue if he wanted to sell it,” the story says. “And Zamir said he plans to keep it forever.” His other future plans for the Huracan include “a few body pieces to make it more unique,” and a supercharger for the engine. (That may be the only part that made us wince a bit. A lack of forced induction is a point of Lamborghini pride and that naturally-aspirated V-10 in the Huracan is already so wonderful.)

But Lamborghinis aren’t fish out of water after the first flakes touch the ground. With proper winter tires, they’re fantastic fun and quite capable on snow or ice. Since 2012, Lamborghini itself has been running a winter driving school in post locales around Europe where participants get to drive the likes of an Aventador S, Huracan Performante, and the new Urus SUV on and off ice-covered tracks. The cost? About $7,500. After we checked out the school’s debut year, it’s easy to understand how Zamir is so hooked on winter driving.



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