Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

The SL63 AMG does everything right: great power, great styling, and great fun. But the big news for 2010 was the return of the Gullwing doors for the SLS AMG, so the SL-Class model line has taken a bit of a backseat. An all-new SL is still a couple of years away, so Mercedes-Benz chose to give its regular roadsters a slight design refresh last year. All models wear a dominant single-bar grille with a Frisbee-size Mercedes emblem. Inside, a sporty three-spoke steering wheel adds some welcome pizzazz. The SL550 boasts an ultrasmooth 7-speed automatic gearbox, which is connected to a 5.5-liter V-8 that makes 382 horsepower—and that’s the base model. For more exhilarating hair-drying experiences, there are the racy SL63 AMG, the gentleman’s-express SL600, the absurdly fast SL65 AMG with its 518-hp engine.

Pros: With its retractable hardtop roof, the SL is still the luxury roadster of choice.

Cons: Commonplace on Pacific Coast Highway.

Penske Luxury

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