More Details Emerge about the Jaguar F-Pace Crossover SUV

Jaguar’s design director discloses that the F-Pace is the production version of the C-X17 concept…

On the eve of the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ian Callum—the legendary car designer and Jaguar’s design director—announced the name of Jaguar’s first production crossover SUV: the Jaguar F-Pace. Only the name was disclosed; the vehicle itself was not displayed, and only one teaser image was made available (the images shown here are of the precursor to the F-Pace, the Jaguar C-X17 concept).

At the event, Callum spoke about the challenges of designing the premium all-wheel-drive C-X17. “To do a crossover is a double challenge because you’re going up in height, and that just goes against my very nature,” he said; “everything for me has to be as low as possible. It still has to be voluptuous; it still has to have curves in the car and form. It has to sit in a very dramatic way.”


The F-Pace name is inspired by Jaguar’s F-Type sports cars and its 1960s slogan “Grace, pace, and space.” The vehicle combines the practicality of a five-seat crossover with an aluminum architecture and an advanced suspension system. It is not without its rivals in the luxury crossover market: It will be competing directly against the Audi Q5, BMW X6, and Porsche Macan, among others. Jaguar has confirmed that the F-Pace will go on sale in 2016. It is already undergoing testing at Jaguar Land Rover’s global test facilities. The first images are expected in the fall. (jaguarusa.com)

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