Mulliner Styling Specification Dresses Up Bentley’s 2012 Continental GT

There’s nothing remotely ordinary about the 2012 Bentley Continental GT coupe, with its singular blend of supreme opulence and brute force. And yet, buyers of such remarkable vehicles are a passionate bunch, and even on a canvas as sublime as this, there is room for a little self-expression. To that end, the venerated English automaker presents the new Mulliner Styling Specification, an assortment of artfully rendered exterior enhancements for the $189,900 Continental GT—each one designed, crafted, and tested by the same artisans who made the car itself.

Dubbed the Classic Pack, the Mulliner add-ons include a unique front fascia with strakes integrated into the lower air intakes, “extension blades” along the sides, and a handsome diffuser beneath the rear bumper. The parts are fabricated from glossy, naturally black carbon fiber composite with a visible weave. If that’s still not enough, buyers can further opt for carbon fiber mirror housings and a carbon fiber version of the Continental GT’s power-deploying rear spoiler, front fenders with black mesh vents behind the wheel openings, and a set of dramatic 21-inch alloy wheels.

Of course, aero enhancement is hardly a new concept; aftermarket catalogs are packed with all manner of tacky tack-ons and garish wheels. But Bentley’s Mulliner pieces are unique. Each one was created by the talented Raul Pires, Bentley’s head of exterior styling and the designer of the 2012 Continental GT. And the entire suite of add-ons has been rigorously evaluated—including hot and cold testing and a stint in the wind tunnel—to ensure that they’re up to the exacting standards of the 198 mph car they’ll adorn. As such, each Mulliner extra is backed by a full Bentley warranty.

The Classic Pack ($9,775, not including installation by a factory-trained technician at an authorized Bentley dealership) is available now; the carbon fiber mirror housings ($2,905), rear spoiler ($2,905), vented front fenders ($6,174), and 21-inch “Elegant” wheels ($7,700) will be available in the fall. (www.bentleymotors.com)


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