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Neiman Marcus’s Newest Holiday Gift? A Very Special $285,000 GMC Hummer Edition 1 EV

The one-off $285,000 Barrett-Jackson example is included in the department store's annual Christmas book.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Courtesy of GMC.

Are you still feeling a little sore about missing out one of the first all-electric GMC Hummers? Well, you have one last chance to get one via Neiman Marcus.

A special one-off example of the battery-powered super truck’s Edition 1 variant is one of the headline gifts in the department store’s annual Christmas book. As you may have guessed, it won’t come cheap. The asking price is $285,000.

If that number made you do a double take, you’re not alone. Neiman Marcus is actually charging well more than double the Edition 1’s original $112,000 price tag. Of course, the variant’s price tag stopped mattering when the Hummer EV sold out 10 minutes after pre-orders opened up last December. Production of the new Hummer hasn’t even started yet, but it’ll be all but impossible to get your hands on the EV until the less-exclusive 3X variant goes on sale in late 2022.

Inside the Barrett-Jackson GMC Hummer Edition 1 EV

Inside the Barrett-Jackson GMC Hummer Edition 1 EV  Neiman Marcus

So, why all the fuss about the Edition 1? In addition to being the first all-electric Hummer, it’s loaded with all the top-end features and extras GMC currently offers for the vehicle. This starts with a tri-motor powertrain that can generate 1,000 horses and 11,500 ft lbs of twist, which is more than enough power for some serious on- or off-road fun. It can also rocket from zero to 60 mph in less in three seconds and travel 350 miles on a charge. Inside, you’ll find a roomy interior with space for five adults and two large displays up front, including a 13.4-inch infotainment touchscreen powered by Epic Games’ Unreal 3-D engine.

Inside the Barrett-Jackson GMC Hummer Edition 1 EV

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus’s Hummer isn’t any old Edition 1, either—it’s a special Barrett-Jackson example that was made specifically for the department’s store’s holiday catalog. It’s got a unique interior with special lighting, two-tone leather seats, a bespoke steering wheel and Neiman Marcus badging, and comes with its own charging station for your home. You’ll also be invited to Barrett-Jackson’s upcoming Scottsdale auction, where you’ll receive the truck on stage, get to watch the event from Carolyn and Craig Jackson’s skybox and even get to drop the gavel on an auction. Finally, delivery of the truck anywhere in the contiguous United States is included, as well as a priority parking spot at your local Neiman Marcus.

If you’re interested in this Holiday Hummer, you might want to call the department store now to reserve the one-off truck. No Edition 1 seems to go unclaimed for long.

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