The New Jaguar F-Type SVR Is One Powerful Panther

The latest 575 hp edition has been clocked at 200 mph and covers zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds…

Fast and nimble, the new Jaguar F-Type SVR is the most cat-like coupe and convertible in the F-Type lineup. Clawing under the hood is a 575 hp, 5-liter V-8 (with 516 ft lbs of torque) leashed with a twin vortex supercharger to reduce engine drag. Mated with a custom-calibrated 8-speed automatic transmission, the predacious powertrain allows the car to pounce from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and chase up to 200 mph (195 mph for the roadster).

Agility and control comes from the marque’s Intelligent Driveline Dynamics and Electronic Active Differential systems that bolster the suspension’s response. And the SVR’s reflexes can be further heightened by the optional Carbon Ceramic Matrix Braking system—the most powerful and responsive deceleration componentry Jaguar has ever implemented.

The all-wheel-drive sportster features a lightweight aluminum body and a selection of three roof types—aluminum, panoramic glass, or carbon fiber. Weight is also shed with the titanium and Inconel exhaust system, as well as the 20-inch forged-alloy wheels that are a total of 30 pounds lighter than any other in the model range. Already a sleek and lean machine, the vehicle also benefits from enhanced airflow detailing that includes intakes in the front bumper, retracting door handles, a front splitter, and a rear valance. In addition, the carbon-fiber rear spoiler raises automatically once a speed of 71 mph is reached and counteracts lift by up to 264 pounds.

Creature comforts in the highly-customizable cabin include quilted performance seats, electrically assisted steering, several available trim packages, and comprehensive connectivity.  

The first series production Jaguar to come from the marque’s Special Vehicle Operations division and carry SVR badging, the F-Type SVR has a starting price of $125,950 and $128,800 for the coupe and convertible, respectively. (jaguarusa.com

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