New York’s Finest

A decade before he started his own limousine service in 2003, Johan Nijman committed himself to being the best taxi driver in the city. He walked the city streets of Manhattan in his off hours to memorize the most efficient routes to and from various destinations in the city.  It is this sort of attention to detail and commitment to excellence that sets Johan’s Limousine Service Inc. apart. Sporting a fleet of premier Mercedes vehicles, Johan’s goes beyond standard limousine service by also providing a concierge component. Whether a client needs hotel reservations, a gourmet sandwich in between meetings, a spare tie waiting at arrival, tickets to a Yankees game, or even last-minute dinner reservations at one of the city’s most sought-after venues, Nijman’s team tries to satisfy any request. He’s ushered customers through appalling lines at JFK, and he’s even managed to help clients bypass the check-in process at luxury hotels by greeting them at the airport with their room keys in hand. While traditional limousine services simply provide a means of transportation, Johan’s defines luxury travel.  (877.879.5642)

?Daniel Curtis


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