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October Car of the Month: Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar’s first all-electric model is leading the charge in luxury.

High horsepower figures and large displacement engines might earn points in niche automotive enthusiast circles, but for many car buyers, true automotive luxury is driving on the cutting edge. The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace is the all-electric variant of Jaguar’s F-Pace SUV and the brand’s first all-electric model. This technology enables it to excel in areas combustion SUVs simply cannot. For cutting-edge luxury cars like the Jaguar I-Pace, PenskeLuxury.com—the online portal of super-premium vehicles from Robb Report partner Penske Automotive Group—is the best place to connect with leading experts on the latest industry insight.

It’s no surprise that Jaguar, a brand deeply rooted in British racing, is pushing the envelope when it comes to power plants. For 84 years, Jaguar has pioneered technologies for its track cars that trickle down to its road vehicles. For the I-Pace, Jaguar—a leader on the Formula E electric race circuit—utilizes a 90-kWh battery that delivers 394 hp and 512 ft lbs of torque, which the electric drivetrain makes available immediately. That instant acceleration makes for a thrilling driving experience. Power surges through all four wheels to rocket the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, which feels incredibly quick for a 4,784-pound SUV.


Ian Callum, the design genius behind some of the world’s most legendary automotive lines, is the mastermind behind the gorgeous aesthetics of the I-Pace, on which Jaguar’s design language is clearly pronounced: a low-slung roofline, sharply curved hood, and aggressive stance. Few exterior details indicate that the I-Pace is electric. While slightly futuristic, the design departs little from the brand’s luxury and racing ethos.

As with other Jaguar models, the design of the I-Pace is driven by performance. It may look like a radiator is hiding behind that large front grille, but instead the I-Pace benefits from airflow engineering that pulls air through the grille and creates suction in the underbelly, helping it stick to the road for unbelievably tight handling. Similarly, the subtle scoops and formed ventricles increase aerodynamic efficiency and increase airflow to the batteries, keeping them cool.

Inside, the I-Pace is pure British luxury. The interior is spacious and dutiful, with three trim options, each with handcrafted touches, solid finishes, and twin-needle stitching. Despite its track-worthy performance and innovative electric drivetrain, the I-Pace is every bit as comfortable and luxurious as Jaguar’s iconic road cars.

There’s no doubt that electric power is the future, and with the I-Pace, Jaguar is leading the charge in the luxury car market. Don’t you want to be driving the Model T when everyone else is still on horses?

Prospective buyers of the I-Pace, which starts shipping later this year, should reach out to Robb Report partner Penske Automotive Group to inquire.

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